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Pattern Carpet

The arrangement of cut and looped yarns in patterned carpet creates a geometric shape, swirl, wave, or another visual pattern that can change a room's entire perspective.

What Is Pattern Carpet?


Whether you're overhauling the entire first floor of your home or you just want a fresh look for your bedroom, patterned carpet is a surprisingly simple way to spice up your home's decor without breaking the bank. Adding texture in a complementary hue can immediately elevate that basic, boring office to a beautiful, sophisticated space that reflects your personality


Though the colors and designs available can vary, the general structure of pattern carpeting is usually the same. The arrangement of cut and looped yarns create a geometric shape, swirl, wave, or another visual pattern that can change a room's entire perspective. Some carpet patterns also involve more than one yarn color with a woven cut-pile construction. 


What Types of Patterned Carpet Are Available? 


So you think patterned carpeting may be a good choice for your impending renovation, but what pattern will you go with? Here are the three most common carpet pattern styles you're likely to find in your local Flooring America showroom: 


Where to Use Pattern Carpeting


The main living areas like dens, family rooms, and bedrooms are the first to emerge when you start thinking about carpeting. But patterned carpet can make an especially impressive impact in a few key areas, including: 


Pros and Cons of Patterned Carpets


Carpet with patterns appeals to some and not others, and to determine which camp you fall into, it's worth considering this carpet style's pros and cons.


Patterned carpets benefits include: 


In terms of disadvantages, pattern carpet doesn't have many: 




Once your home is outfitted with your fun or sophisticated carpet patterns, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy—as long as you also run the vacuum regularly! The biggest maintenance task for your new investment is routine cleaning to remove any dirt, hair, and miscellaneous debris that may be trapped between carpet yarns. 


Though many of your carpet options will feature stain resistance, don't rest on your laurels when your coffee cup lands face down. Following the manufacturer's instructions to clean up spills will not only keep your patterned carpeting looking beautiful, but it will also ensure your all-important warranty remains intact. 


Durability of Pattern Carpets


Though the cut and loop style of patterned carpeting offers some durability in its construction, the type of fiber material you choose really influences how well it wears. If you're looking for pattern carpet that can hold up to your kids' constant messes and your own unexpected spills, the stronger stain-resistant options like nylon, poly blends, or triexta may be worth it. 


Lifespan and Installation


One question that may be high on your research list is how can you ensure you get the most from new patterned carpeting? It's not like carpeting has a specific expiration date so you can plan in advance. The good news is that the longevity of your new purchase will largely depend on the choices you make. 


For long-lasting carpet patterns, choose: 


FAQs About Patterned Carpeting


How are carpet patterns made? 


Carpet yarns of varying heights make up the geometric pattern you see at your doctor's office or the wavy patterned carpet in your best friend's nursery. The manufacturer uses a mixture of looped and cut fibers to create specific carpet patterns, though some are constructed of woven cut pile.


What are the benefits of patterned carpets? 


Installing pattern carpet is a simple way to add character to a room, especially those on the smaller side, like kids' bedrooms, your shared office, or the game room side of the basement. You'll love the fact that you won't see footprints or debris that accumulated between cleanings.


Why choose carpet with pattern? 


Pattern carpeting makes it easy to upgrade that drab spare bedroom before your in-laws' next visit with a comfortable, long-lasting touch of personality and texture. Plus, you can enjoy easy maintenance with pattern carpet and no footprint evidence of rowdy play dates or rambunctious puppies.