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Vinyl Tile Flooring

LVT offers beautiful, strong, and water-resistant flooring thanks to its impressive man-made layers. Add elegance & style to your home without draining the bank account.

What Is Vinyl Tile Flooring?


You're finally at a point where you're ready to embark on a few home upgrades, and new flooring tops the list! You want something that adds more elegance and style to your current decor, is durable enough for your growing family, and won't drain your bank account. Your sister raves about her luxury vinyl tile flooring, but you've never looked into it. Until now!


Luxury vinyl tile offers a beautiful, strong, and water-resistant floor thanks to its impressive man-made layers. It starts with a backing layer, then a core, which serves as the thickest layer. There are two core options: 


After the core layer comes the digital image layer. It's responsible for the realistic stone, marble, or hardwood look you end up with. Finally, a top wear layer protects the tile and can vary in thickness. You can find floor vinyl tiles in several sizes, including 9”, 12”, and 18” squares. 


Vinyl Plank vs. Vinyl Tile


Maybe you’re ready to commit to the promise of durability with vinyl flooring, but how do you decide between planks and tiles of vinyl flooring? Are there differences beyond just the look? 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Tile Flooring


What are the pros and cons that you should keep in mind as you make your flooring choice? Here's a breakdown of the pros: 


There are a couple of considerations to take into account when shopping for vinyl tile for your home:




You know you want a tile look, plus the extra benefits of resilience, water resistance, and easy installation. But what do you want your new luxury vinyl tile flooring to look like in your home? Are you hoping the luxury vinyl tiles will brighten your windowless basement? Add personality to the kids' playroom? Each homeowner could give a different answer because our visions are as unique as we are! Luckily, there's an enormous range of styles and designs, including these three common categories: 


Durability of Vinyl Floor Tiles 


Whether you're shopping for vinyl bathroom tiles, kitchen vinyl floor tiles, or luxury floor tiles for your entire home, keep your family's lifestyle in mind as you make your decision. Busier homes with pets, people, and a constant buzz of traffic can benefit from vinyl that has a thicker wear layer, which will do a better job of resisting stains and dirt. Your local Flooring America expert can help ensure you find the right vinyl product with durability to meet your specific needs. 


Regardless of your daily activity level indoors, you'll want to also think about how you can protect your floors from accidental scratches and scrapes. If your family gatherings are known to get rowdy, add rugs in the busiest spots and place your dining room chairs on protective pads. Thankfully, if the worst happens and a tile does get damaged, you can replace one without requiring replacement of the entire area. 


How to Maintain Luxury Vinyl Tile


You can rest assured that the regular maintenance you'll need to give your new luxury tile flooring won't take too much time out of your week! Get in the habit of routinely sweeping your floors to remove any debris or dirt that's collected. An occasional mopping can provide a deeper cleaning, but be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations


Installation and Lifespan


You've decided you like all that luxury vinyl tile flooring has to offer, but how long will it really hold up to your messy children and rambunctious dogs? That's a great question that doesn't have a definitive answer. The good news is that you've got years of good use on the horizon, plus the lifespan of your new floors is largely in your hands! 


To get the most for your money, you’ll want to:


The first big decision you'll have to make that affects longevity is who you choose to install your floor vinyl tiles. Even though self-adhesive vinyl tiles seem easy, there are some unfortunate implications that can come from improper installation of any kind. Avoid the headache and ensure your warranty protection stands by hiring an expert. A professional installer will not only have the expertise and tools required but also provide the peace of mind that comes with an intact warranty.


Vinyl Tile Flooring FAQs